FAQ: What is Deals Done Right?

We think that Deals Done Right is the best deal-finding service available for Amazon sellers!

That is a bold claim. How do you support it?

DDR combines uniquely qualified deal-finders with a state of the art randomized deal distribution system, which minimizes the risk of deal saturation.

Who are these deal finders?

All of our deal finders are very successful and active Amazon FBA sellers, including:

• Brian Freifelder

• Britni and Michael Ross

• Daniel Baker

• Elizabeth Thompson

• Harvey Spektor

• Karin Isgur Bergsagel

• Matt Kelly

• Stephen Gmys

• Tedric Paulk

• Todd Forster

• Todd Noren-Hentz

We are sellers like you - out there sourcing products online and in store. And those are the product finds that we share – if we wouldn't buy it, we don't recommend it to you either.

How can you do that? Aren't you cutting your own throats by sharing?

No. Because of the unique deal distribution algorithms that we have designed, the deal finder can control the number of subscribers who see a deal, and tailor distribution to the number of additional sellers that they think it can absorb.

What kind of deals can I expect to receive?

Deals are a mix of RA (Retail Arbitrage) and OA (Online Arbitrage), including Amazon-to-Amazon (AZ-AZ) flips. Exact composition is fluid, as it depends on what is out there to be found. Recently, our mix was 51% RA, 29% OA (or OA+RA combo), and 20% AZ-to-AZ. If you only want online arbitrage leads, then we are probably not the right service for you.

RA? Really? I thought that OA was the only way to go today?

We don't agree. We find having a balanced sourcing strategy is most advantageous. We all source online, but we often find our most profitable deals in store. And we are able to get those retail deals shipped in and live faster than waiting for OA deliveries. In our experience, there is less price erosion and less competition with in store deals.

We expect to be VERY heavy on RA as we approach 4th quarter 2015, as that's where we find the fastest turns and highest profit deals. Being able to source, list, and ship hot products immediately will dramatically increase your profits by decreasing time to market and putting your turn rate on steroids.

Are there specific criteria for Sales Ranks? Net Profit? ROI?

No. DDR does not operate strictly by the numbers to select deals. We are active, successful sellers, and we know a good deal when we see one. Someone who tries to 'source by formula' will miss many deals that our expert contributors have found and profited from themselves.

Some deals will be obvious; others may not look great at first glance to the inexperienced eye. We often include detailed notes to explain what we see that may not be immediately obvious. We want to educate you, and improve your sourcing skills. We will also call out new lines that we think show promise, and proven sellers that we stock up on for Q4.

What about Sales Rank?

We believe that Sales Rank conveys only limited information about how 'fast' you can expect to sell something, and so we don't stand by hard and fast rules. However, in the last few weeks of our Beta period, half of our deals were Sales Rank of 26,000 or better and in the top 0.44% of their category, and 80% of our deals were 69,000 or better and in the top 2.7%. That means that our expert deal finders ALSO find value in higher-ranked items and will selectively share some of those with you, too.

How about ROI and Net Profit?

Well, first of all, this is based on the "Target Selling Price", which again is based on our Contributor's experience, and not just "Buy Box", "Lowest FBA", "Lowest MF" or some other formula programmed into a computer. In many cases, our contributors have direct experience selling this same deal or product line, and they KNOW what price they've been successfully selling at, and will share this with you.

What are "typical" values of ROI and Net Profit for DDR Deals?

In the last few weeks of the Beta period, over half the deals showed an ROI of 83% or better, and Net Profit of $9.69 or better. Can we "guarantee" these levels on an on-going basis? No. In the end, we will share the deals with you, and the metrics based on assumed Target Selling Price, but it will be up to you to do your own Due Diligence and determine whether a particular deal fits your own business model. We can assure you that the deals we post do meet ours.

Who will benefit from the Deals Done Right service?

This is primarily a service for someone with a positive HUSTLE Quotient. What else would you expect from Chris Green and his team?

To benefit the most from DDR, you probably should live in an area with good access to some of the main retail sources, and be willing to spend some time shopping in-store.

You should be ungated in most if not all categories, especially Clothing, Shoes, Luggage, Health & Personal Care, Beauty, and Grocery. If you are not, then you will miss much of the value of DDR.

You should also have a reasonable sourcing budget. We suggest not less than $5K/month at a minimum. That said, if you are a hungry hustling newbie, super-committed and growing and reinvesting EVERYTHING, then $2K will get you there.

What stores and sites do you cover?

Quite a variety, as our deals during Beta covered 77 different sources, from smaller regional chains such as Boscov's and Meijer's, on up to the nationwide big box stores. Our OA sources were equally varied, from small niche sites up to the biggest of them all: Amazon. We LOVE Amazon-to-Amazon flips.

What if I don't have those smaller regional chains close by me?

DDR will ask for your zip code when you sign up, and will auto-generate a list of stores "close to you", typically within about 30 miles. HOWEVER, we know that some deals/stores are worth a special trip, and so you CAN mark additional stores outside your immediate area that you WOULD be interested in including in the list of stores for which you want to receive deals.

OR, if there are certain nearby stores that just don't interest you for some reason, you can choose to EXCLUDE these stores from the deals you receive. This will also apply if we make a mistake in location - We figure YOU know your own neighborhood better than we do, and you can make minor adjustments in your profile as needed.

How about online sites?

For instance, you had a bad experience with XYZ store, and don't want to receive any more deals from them. No problem, you can exclude them in your Member Dashboard, and they will disappear from your deals. Will I miss out on any NEW sites? No. When our DDR Deal Finders find a deal at some new online site, we will automatically include ALL of our DDR members in the eligible list. You can remove it yourself, however, if you don't wish to receive any further deals from the 'new' site.

How does it work?

Deals are sent to a LIMITED number of members, typically 10 to 15, sometimes 5 or fewer, sometimes 30 or more. It depends. The contributors themselves, who are quite familiar with their own listings and offerings, and are interested in avoiding market saturation, set the limits. In addition, for RA deals, we will limit these by geographic proximity, so that members within approximately 20 miles of each other will not receive the same deals. (This exact separation may be adjusted upwards or downwards based on ongoing feedback, and is not guaranteed).

How many deals a day will I get?

It depends. Typically 5 to 10, might be more, might be less. Not a quota, as we do not intend to fill out your daily feed with mediocre deals, but only send out deals that we would buy ourselves. Some days are better than others. Sometimes sites have GREAT site-wide sales, sometimes there are only a few.

All deals will be sent out via email to your signup address. AND you have the option to get notification of deals via SMS Text service as well! (We can't fit in all the great info into a 160-character-limited text message, but will give you the highlights, and you can always check your email for further details)

In addition, you will have access to your exclusive Member Dashboard, which will keep a record of all your previous deals, so you will have them for reference. If you like to analyze things, there is an option to export them to Excel.

You can leave thumbs-up/thumbs-down feedback for your deals in the member dashboard, as well as leave comments. We can't respond to every one, but can assure you they are being evaluated so that our contributors know what kind of deals work well for our members, and which ones don't.

How much does DDR cost?

Subscriptions to DDR cost $299/month, or about $10/day for the best deal-finding service around.

The cost of DDR seems quite high. Can I share my DealsDoneRight account with others to save some money?

Absolutely not. This is a premium service, costing approximately $10/day, and providing potential value far in excess of this amount. A major part of the value is that the deals are limited to a very small number of people to limit market saturation, and you would be doing a dis-service to yourself and other DDR members by sharing them with outsiders. In fact, you can't even share them with other DDR members.

In addition to receiving a mix of high-quality actionable deals, you will have access to the exclusive Deals Done Right Facebook group where you have a chance to ask questions of our Expert Deal Finders and other motivated DDR members such as yourself. This is ONLY for you. Anyone who is found to be sharing their deals with outside persons will be removed from the service.

If you're looking for more detailed info about our Terms of Service/Policies, please visit our Terms of Service page.

I'm already a member, but have a few questions about Subscriptions/Refunds/Cancellations.

Head on over to our Subscription page.

Am I guaranteed to make money?

No. We cannot guarantee that you will make money based on DDR deals and recommendations. You are responsible for your own due diligence and sourcing purchases. That said, we WANT you to be successful, and we will do everything in our power to make sure that you enjoy the same success that we do.

Collectively, the DDR Team expects to sell $13.5 million in 2015, with over 40% of that in Q4. We hope that you will come along for what promises to be a wild and profitable ride.

Ready to join DDR?

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